A few years ago, we were looking at a friend’s traditional wedding album, and it occurred to us that some basic computer graphics could make the album much more attractive. We knew several graphics programs, so we offered to create a more visually appealing layout.

Our friend took us up on the offer, and she was ecstatic with the results. Word got around, and soon other friends were asking us to design their albums. Before long, we started getting calls from people we’d never even met, and that was when we knew we had discovered something special.

Now, four years later, we’ve designed hundreds of wedding albums in a variety of styles. Working with professional photographers, we help review images and choose the perfect look and theme for clients’ wedding albums.

Professional album design is great for any wedding photography business. It’s an easy upgrade for new clients, and you can even up-sell clients whose weddings took place years ago as a way to freshen up their wedding photo collections.

Contact us to learn more about our design services. We look forward to hearing from you.