Blended Motion is more than just an ordinary design studio. We're professional designers and fine artists, creating stunning magazine-style wedding albums that capture the joy of your clients' special day.

The most important element of our service is the quality of our designs. Many designers offer a few basic templates, with limited customization. Every single layout we create is one-of-a-kind, and the difference is obvious. We use advanced techniques to make each layout more attractive, and we also enhance individual photos using advanced Photoshop tools. We even apply sharpening to each separate image, not just to the final layout.

Even when we convert photos to BW, we go well beyond using simple desaturation or grayscale mode; we use more than 20 Photoshop steps to achieve true BW effect. And we don't charge extra if the layout is larger; the time spent doesn't change just because proportion or resolution changes.

Contact us for more information about any aspect of our services.